Psychometric tools: The “measurement of the mind”
The ideal way to measure what is considered to be non-measurable.
As objectively as we measure physical traits, like height and weight.

Psychometric Tools help us to measure psychological traits related to a person’s nature, aptitude, inherent skills and talents, values, motivations and personal working style. The impressive precision of our Psychometric tools is based upon scientific knowledge and fundamental principles.

Potentia Assessment System allows you to:
-Save time & money
-Possess a realistic picture of your people
-Develop and protect the culture of your workplace
-Encourage consistency and sustainability

Tools & Assessments

Indicative Psychometric Tools

Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 (MMPIÒ -2)
Personality Evaluation Questionnaire 5.0 (PEQÒ )
Values & Motives Indicator (CV1V2Ò )

Indicative Psychometric Assessments

Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) | Stop Work Authority (SWA) Program
Resilience Assessment Program
Psychological Profile Interpretation
Personalized Report
Soft Skill Diagram
Screening Interviews

International Security Threat Assessment

Applicable to critical and high risk working environments