You are currently viewing Break the myth of ‘role models’: Become the perfect YOU!

Break the myth of ‘role models’: Become the perfect YOU!

Break the myth of ‘role models’: Become the perfect YOU!

01st of June, 2018. Τhere have been many times that I found myself wondering about the true value of the term “role model”. During school, which is the first experiment of socializing and joining groups of people, the common “advice” we received was to follow patterns, models and standards of powerful people who had accomplished things. In the best case, we were asked to study those models; in the worst to imitate them.

But then, as we grow up and mature we realize that the ‘role models’ that have been imposed on us, are not as perfect as the ones we have grown to admire. Soon we apprehend that our values have been compromised; I even dare to say jeopardized.

I very soon renounced the term ‘role model’. I realized that a ‘role model’ can be a trap. It can disorient, distract, prevent your personal development; it can easily manipulate your thoughts and self perception. What actually helped me to demystify the importance of a ‘role model’ in someone’s life, was the fact that during my life path, I had the opportunity (luck or blessing, you call it!) to meet worthy people with a clear look and a transparent conscience. Wise men, some might say. These people taught me not to set limits on what I could do or could become, based or being influenced by the skills, capabilities and values other people would represent, regardless of how high they were in the perception of the social aggregate. Sometimes the way people perform in their social life does not reflect their reality, but a very well –constructed virtual reality.

I have an over ten years of professional activity in 17 countries with extensive experience in multinational and multicultural working environments. During my career path I have developed an overall knowledge on human behaviour aspects. Through this constant and valuable experience with people, I have come to the following conclusion: To better reinforce ourselves, we should be well-advised to explain in simple words what being ‘Human’ entails. We are multi-dimensional entities with an overall personality, gifted with physical, emotional, mental, spiritual charismas .Our lifelong commitment should be to develop and enhance these gifts. We should use our multiple intelligence, our insight and rationality, our sincere emotions, our inexhaustible creativity, our inner harmony and natural rhythm and become our own inspiration.
We hide far too much because we resist admitting -even to ourselves- behaviours we are not proud of; we are afraid of appearing less than perfect in other people’s eyes. We should start being honest with ourselves and others. Through this practice, we receive the gift we give, we are free to have choices and we become critical thinkers and not intoxicated thinkers.

However, during times of stress people behave badly. Accept it as a fact. This is human nature. We are not perfect. In that way you learn about respect and people’s rights, and furthermore, what it means to be responsible. Soon enough you will realize you don’t have to behave in a similar fashion. When you are true to yourself you will be less likely to demonstrate poor behaviour.

Start interacting with people and exchange your energy, your knowledge and your experience. Be confident to choose who you want to become. Be yourself, Do yourself, For yourself! Become a Lifelong Learner aiming at your own personal development with a mission to accomplish: To unleash the Power within you and become the “Perfect You”.

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