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We dream the Change, we bring the Change

“Be the change you want to see in the world,” said Mahatma Gandhi. But change is primarily a responsibility towards ourselves. We, the people of Potentia, have taken on our responsibility, dared to bring a Change in the maritime world and see it shaping, happening, taking on flesh and blood.

In Potentia, we are specialized in empowering people to become resilient and capable to respond to challenges. We believe that training is about developing people to creators, innovators and pioneers, not conformists. We are at the forefront, leading the way and preparing the future by designing and implementing new training models for seafarers and shipping executives based on the adaptive learning model; a methodology that breaks down traditional models of training and allows people to learn in their own way and rhythm!

Potentia has been an authentic paradigm, a success story in the Shipping industry.

Potentia is a group of intelligent and competent people, who are inspired by people, interact with people, and are committed to serve people ethically, fairly and wisely. Our golden Spiral is more than just our symbol; it is our compass to an experiential learning and development journey along with our clients, aiming to exceed their expectations and achieve substantial growth, empowerment and development of their people at all levels. We wish to thank all our valuable clients for their continuous trust and their excellent cooperation, especially during this challenging period.

Under the prime sponsorship of The International Propeller Club of the United States- International Port of Piraeus,  our innovative project PotentiaOnBoard® RISE-GROW-LEAD has already been applied with exceptional results on more than 300 Seafarers, both Greek and foreign officers, serving tankers and bulk carriers. We continue to assist the Seafarers of the World and provide them with the psychological support and empowerment they need in order to maintain a positive mindset, to help them rise again and grow further for what is necessary; their mental and physical health, welfare and constant care of their selves and their teams.

The beacons and navigators of the PotentiaOnBoard® RISE-GROW-LEAD project have been my executive team of experts, namely, Spyros Kottoris Learning & Development Manager | Trainer & Executive Coach, Naoum Karaminas, Psychologist | Psychometrics & Assessment Executive, Dennis Christodoulatos | Wellness Coach, and Iakovos Apergis | Cooking & Nutritional Coach. It has been a great honor for us all to experience these live sessions with the seafarers and share knowledge but most of all share feelings and thoughts with them. Their contribution has been extremely valuable to us.

For the last 7 months we have been here for them, always by their side, to listen to them and learn from them.

Seafarers of the World! You have chosen to serve an extremely critical work environment, the oceans. You have chosen to deal with risks and critical situations on a daily basis. You have absolutely gained world’s respect. Thank you for managing the world trade, Thank you for being the navigators of the world.  The world would have been so much different if it were not for you, the Seafarers! We are all so proud of you and I can assure you that we -the Potentia team- will continue to do our best and help you Rise, Grow and Lead! This is a promise and an ethical commitment of my people and myself to each one of you.

However, as a proud Greek Woman, I praise my homeland, my country, my Greece. We – the Hellenes- are the leaders in Global shipping. We master the Sea. It is a fact. And the main reason is because we are surrounded by the sea. The Sea is our home.

So I wish to welcome you all again to our home and invite you to join Potentia world for many more experiential learning and development voyages!

Indicative Testimonials

Dear Spyro,

Good evening. It was great experience and innovation for our company to execute the first tele-session. Yesterday the captain sent us a positive feedback. We are looking forward to schedule the next tele-session with tanker (..). I would like to thank you for your professionalism and your excellent work

Safety Department



Dear Mrs Chrysoula,

Greetings! I was so elated with your inspiring speech. Thank you so much for believing in me and my crew and for all the positive. Being resilient it needs a lot of strength and courage to overcome the challenges in our everyday life most especially being in the shipping industry profession dealing with different walks of life. Wherever we are we have to love the work we are doing with a positive mindset always, come what may we have to be always victorious!


Capt. A.R

Master M/V…



Dear Mr. Kottoris,

Good Day! Foremost, my grateful thanks to you and Ms Chrysoula with the rest of your team for empowering positive results on your first coach Skype session with the whole Crew. It was indeed an enjoyable session! Well appreciated so much your comments. Indeed I was so flattered! Yes, it needs a lot of endeavors and efforts to have a happy and harmonious team onboard!


Capt. P V. C III

Master M/V …



Dear Ms Patrikiou,

Good day. Please see below the positive feedback, that we’ve just received from vessel. We strong believe that the “Potentia on Board” project is really helpful for our crew. We are looking forward for the next module.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

HSQE Superintendent | Safety Department

Dear All,

Good Afternoon,

We are very satisfied with your initiative action to make tele-session with our vessel and that Potentia is part of these tele-sessions. We find the tele-session very educative and mind awakening for us. The topic today was about resilience that is a matter of great importance for our mental and physical health especially now with the world crisis of Corona Virus the stress and the anxiety pressing us more and more every day. Very helpful was the words from Mr. Naoum that give us examples in order to understand more accurately the meaning of a resilient mind/ attitude. Mrs Chrysoula also illuminated us with more useful information and practices for having resilient attitude on board. These tele-sessions are a way to bounce back from these problems.

In addition the gymnastic exercises that Mr. Ntenis present to us are a way to relax your body and your mind from the stress.  With your guidance we can also advice and support the ratings on the forthcoming meeting and resilience training that will be carried out on board.
We thank you and we appreciate your assistance and understanding at these difficult times.





Good day,
Reference to your below I would like to express my opinion regarding “ON-Board live tele- sessions” that carried out with “Potentia”.
First of all I would like to mention that in these challenging times, more than ever, seafarers are required to take care of their wellbeing since the new corona virus has created new fears to deal with, i.e. the fear for their health and the health of their loved-ones, as well as fatigue due to extended service onboard. Meanwhile, the impact of COVID-19 on seafarers seems to be neglected from IMO, ILO etc, as crews are under pressure to do their jobs effectively and keep the world trade moving, while there are severe restrictions and new obligations when calling at ports. The feeling of fear and doubt on how the crisis will evolve has led to stress and panic, that affects the seafarers during their everyday routine.
My crew accomplished very important achievements. We have managed to perform all operations, vetting, port state controls ,surveys etc with safety and professionalism and most important we took the soonest all precaution derived from “Covid outbreak Management Plan” and managed to keep covid-19 completely off our vessel, in places where pandemic wave was peaking (such as Asia and USA).
Furthermore we tried to focus on training and prevention measures in order to not intensify our anxiety. We try not to make COVID-19 the center of attention as discussions around the rapid spread of the new corona virus, which have a huge impact on people’s mental health.
The interactive discussion between my crew, “Potentia” and our head office was a great opportunity for all officers to express their feelings. At the end of the session a discussion among all participants, regarding the implementation of this project on board, carried out. Development of such a project would be useful. A better understanding of co-workers believes fears and thoughts achieved. Meanwhile resilience will help to manage
the stress in the workplace and help to recognize the early warnings sings of a stressed shipmate and therefore to intervene.
Finally I strongly believe that solidarity, resilience, patience are key words to cope with COVID-19. We need to stay safe and have faith for the better days which will eventually come. Knowing that people ashore feeling our situation and being fully aware about the issue will boost crew self-confidence.

Best Regards




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