Soft skills: “The art of thinking independently together”

Soft Skills complement our hard skills,our occupational, technical requirements of every job

Soft Skills differ for each
one of us

They are personal and unique as we are. Their empowerment and development involves experiential learning in workshops, led by senior professionals, by qualified coaches and by experienced trainers and many practice opportunities to put them into use.

Indicative Soft Skills Learning & Development Workshops

Problem Solving
Decision Making
Crisis Management
Emotional Intelligence & Emotion Management
Stress Management
Tolerance of Change – Management of Change

Building Resilience
Work-Life Balance
Effective Communication & Feedback
Coaching & Mentoring Tools for Managers
Team Work & Team Building
Presentation Skills & Public Speaking
Leadership Skills

Negotiating Skills
Cultural Diversity & Interpersonal Skills
Business Ethics & Cultural Awareness
Time Management
Critical Analysis
Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) | Stop Work Authority (SWA) Program