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Interview in ELNAVI magazine

Our Founder & CEO Chrysoula Vasiliki Patrikiou was featured in ELNAVI magazine with an in-depth interview, sharing her thoughts about inspiration, people dynamics, cultivation of productive thinking and Potentia World’s role in the development and empowerment of people serving Global Shipping. Deeply thankful to Theano Kalapotharakou and Elnavi Piraeus for this pleasant interview.It is our pleasure to share with you the feature and the full interview (Greek) in the magazine below:…/%cf%87%cf%81%cf%85%cf%83%ce%bf…/

“The desire and vision of my professional path has always been the creation of mechanisms and systems that ensure ideal conditions for the development of people’s dynamics, both in their work and social environment. I am a fan of continuous evolution, creation and change for the better. This is the main reason why I have chosen to use the verb ‘create’ and not ‘work’. The visual perception we cultivate within us is important, as it is the main means of our productive thinking. There is a big difference between saying “I’m working on a project” and “I’m creating a project”. This thought rewards you on many levels. Most importantly, it brings people into your life who reflect the same passion for creation and end up as companions of the same vision. I, along with my team, envision POTENTIA as a vehicle to lead the human capital management and development sector that serves global Shipping, teaching people how to think and not what to think. POTENTIA, taking steps ahead of the traditional models of formal training, serving with responsibility and respecting the lifelong learning and development of the people serving Shipping, has the potential to inspire and shape the Man-Woman creator, innovator and pioneer who will change the world.”

These words belong to Chrysoula Vasiliki Patrikiou, CEO and Founder of Potentia World; a woman who is sensitive, creative and successful in everything she does. – Theano Kalapotharakou, ELNAVI Publisher | Interview Preface

You can also view the magazine interview from the link below:…/april-2021…/full-view.html

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