The human factor is one of the most valuable and vital asset in every dynamic, ambitious organization. Our Human Capital Holistic Systems apply to competitive, demanding working environments in particular, adding true value. Everything ends up to be “people-to-people”. Your vital people!

The adoption and integration of our Human Capital Holistic systems help organizations to:
– vastly improve their Management (selection, evaluation and empowerment)
– encourage self-regulation
– promote continuous improvement

Vital for the Maritime cluster

Soft skills trainings and psychometric tools are mandatory to Maritime, where specific guiding tools focusing on the Human Factor and Behavioural Safety, like p.e. TMSA 3/ OCIMF, IMO model course 1.39, STCW Code and CRM are in use. These tools promote a competence management system as a way for assessing crew competence, training requirements and managing from the crew selection process up to promotions.

Why Capital?

Because resources refer to means that are available and can be used until their exhaustion, if needed. Capital reflects to any form of wealth employed for producing even more wealth and tends to grow with investment to produce more capital.

·     Human Resources reflect to Management
·     Human Capital reflects to Leadership 

In potentia we give value to human capital because we:

Put people First
Optimise people
Trust people
Empower people
Notice people
Transform people
Inspire people
Activate people
We Unleash the Power of People!

Why Holistic?

Because people are multi-dimensional. We are committed to engage and develop them as overall personalities: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We support people, using their multiple intelligence, insight, rationality, emotions, creativity, harmony and rhythm.

We inspire people; we do NOT manipulate people

Why Systems?

Human body sets a perfect example of a system; if any part is separated from the rest of the body, it will stop functioning. No part of human existence has the capacity to remain human on its own, only the whole is human.

Potentia is an open-system, designed to interact with people. It exchanges energy, knowledge and experience, aiming its continuous renewal and growth. Our systemic approach is based on a certain moto:

We think and act independently together!