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Potentia team is ON-Board | Seafarers of the World…Rise Grow Lead!

Having in mind this challenging period where the COVID 19 has a tremendous effect on human lives around the Globe, Potentia is committed to provide the Seafarers On Board with the psychological support and empowerment they need to maintain a positive mindset, to rise again and grow further for what is necessary; their mental and physical health, welfare and constant care of their selves and their teams.

We are very pleased to introduce our brand-new, people-centered, innovative holistic approach to constant improvement!


The program aims to empower group discussion to achieve self-awareness and to build a positive mindset especially in times of crisis. While encouraging empathetic listening and cultivating a healthy working environment can lead to the establishment of functional and harmonious relationships within the team on board.

Our ON-BOARD program is provided through the available tele-platforms and includes the following sessions:

Empowering coaching: Achieve self-awareness, build a positive mindset and encourage empathetic listening. Cultivate healthy working environment and establish functional, harmonious relationships within your team. Expert: Spyros Kottoris, Certified Personal and Executive Coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF, USA) | BSc, AdvDip, MBA, MEd

Resilience: Access and improve your ability to bounce back and regain control, in challenging times.Expert: Naoum Karaminas, Psychologist. Psychometrics & Assessment Executive | M.Sc. Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Wellness: Be proactive, preventive and self-responsible, towards optimal holistic health, through an interactive pursuit associated with your body, mind and spirit. Establish an everlasting wellness culture and achieve your highest potential for physical and nutritional well-being.Expert: Dennis Christodoulatos, Wellness Coach & Iakovos Apergis, Cooking Coach

Maritime Branding 1-O-1: Implement simple rules of international Branding methodology. Improve your communication and presentation skills, both professionally and personally, and gain self confidence.Expert: Dimosthenis Broussalis Branding Expert | Brand Builder | Storyteller

You may find more about our team of experts here

Seafarers of the World…Rise Grow Lead!

We will be pleased to provide you the sufficient guidance and the required assistance

On behalf of Potentia team


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