The Executive Team

  • Learning & Development Manager | Certified Trainer & Executive Coach BSc, AdvDip, MBA, MEd

    Spyros Kottoris

    His passion is to support and motivate people to reach self-awareness, recognize their values and develop skills that will lead them to personal and professional success, achieving personal and corporate goals, through interactive training, coaching and/or mentoring. He is an Economist, an Executive and Career Coach and a Certified Learning Professional with over 12 years of training experience.He specializes in the fields of Communication, Leadership, Negotiation, Coaching skills and Train the Trainer training and also Entrepreneurship, Management and Finance using blended interactive learning methods. He has also worked as a Learning Consultant, a Lecturer in English Universities and a Trainer on Lifelong Learning Programs and Workshops. Spyros has 19 years of practical professional experience in multinational Groups of Companies and Banks and has taught for demanding clients in the Maritime industry, Construction industry, the Telecom industry, Information Technology, Banking, Energy, Insurance and others in Europe (Germany, Greece, Bulgaria) and the Middle East such as the UAE. His academic background includes his bachelor’s degree in Maritime and Transport Studies, his MBA of the University of Kentucky USA, an Advanced Diploma in Personal and Executive Coaching of Kingstown College (ICF and EMCC certified) and a Master’s degree in Adult Education (MEd) of the Open University of Greece. His certifications and publications reinforce and enhance his scientific and professional track record

  • Branding Expert | Brand Builder | Storyteller

    Dimosthenis Broussalis

    Branding and Communications expert, founding member and General Director of DASC Branding. Since 1983, specializes in integrated branding projects (Brand Strategy and Identity building), holding a leading position in his field in Greece. His portfolio includes Corporate Image and Identity branding projects, Product image and Identity branding projects, Retail Identity branding projects for some of the more significant Greek companies. As a member of potentia team, D. Broussalis innovatively implements Branding methodology and values to modern Shipping and coined the term “Shipping Branding” to the sector. During the recent decade, he actively contributes to the Greek exports attempt, assisting dynamic Greek companies to achieve their goals. Some of the most successful branding placements of Greek branded products in the international market are signed by D. Broussalis and DASC Team. What set these benchmark branding projects apart is their Strategic approach and the full support provided. Destination branding, Tourism branding and international Trending are also among his core thematic, and an integral part of his Seminars and Workshops activity. Projects, in which D. Broussalis contributed and supervised, have been repeatedly awarded, published and exhibited in Greece and abroad. Dimosthenis Broussalis is a keynote speaker in numerous Greek and international conferences and congresses, and a member of several experts boards and jury committees

  • Psychometrics & Assessment Executive M.Sc. Industrial-Organizational Psychology

    Naoum Karaminas

    He is the Scientific Advisor of potentia specialized in Organizational Psychology, in the Design of Psychometric Tools and Integrated Educational Programs related to the Selection, Evaluation, Training, Treatment and Human Capital Management and Guidance. He has been responsible, as project leader, for the Greek translation, adaptation and standardization of several major psychological tests (16PF, 16PF-5, MMPI-2, etc.) and has extensive experience in training mental health professionals in basic psychometrics, as well as, officially qualifying them in the use and interpretation of such tests. Having started out with a background in Mathematics, Physics, Computers and an unfinished degree in Aeronautical Engineering, Naoum was drawn to the human factor, getting a B.A. in Psychology and returning to the hard sciences through a M.Sc. degree in Industrial – Organizational Psychology. Since then, he has been working on the applied end of Psychology for over 30 years while most of his work deals with individuals in the Military, Air force and Civil Aviation Pilots, Aircrew members, Police and Security Personnel and, lately, Merchant Navy Personnel. Among other things, he has been a member of the NATO Human Factors & Air Crews Group, a qualified Crew Resource Management (CRM) facilitator (both for the Civilian sector and the Air force) and a member of the A. F. Flight & Ground Safety Center dealing, at the time, with HFACS (human factor centered accident analysis) and HPMA (human performance in military aviation). He has written chapters in Aviation Medicine and Aviation Psychology books and has several publications in international journals, both under his name or as a statistical analysis advisor. Lastly, he has a passion for computerizing all suitable aspects of his work and has designed and developed software pertaining to an in-depth psychometric model of human personality and behaviour

  • Wellness Coach

    Dennis Christodoulatos

    He holds a BSC in Business & Sociology and speaks fluently four languages (Greek, English, French and Italian). He has an over twenty years of professional activity as a Business man in various sectors, with an extensive experience in Sales and Business Development. During his career he managed to develop a general knowledge of human behavior which he continued to evolve through a different industry; sports. For the last decade, he is professionally engaged with Οutdoor Αctivities & Special body Treatments (Beach volley, Kayaking- Canoeing, Sailing, Sea cruising, Mountain biking, Mountain running, Bicycling, Body building, TRX, Stretching, Muscle empowerment, Sports massage, Rehabilitation therapies, Special stretching/Thai massage). Dennis is a Certified Personal Trainer utilizing knowledge of health, anatomy, exercise concepts, and motivational skills to design and execute comprehensive fitness plans for individual clientele. He is a dedicated fitness professional with a passion for improving client health, wellness and quality of life. He provides high-energy training using the latest techniques in exercise science, cardio programs and strength training. He delivers fitness, weight loss and nutrition programs for youth, teens, adults and senior citizens that are fun, safe, extremely effective and tailored to individual needs and goals. Dennis is a body & mind transformation specialist adept in helping diverse populations achieve their fitness, weight loss and conditioning goals faster than they ever thought possible. Through the years, Dennis has achieved a proven work performance with one ultimate goal: to inspire and motivate people overcome their human limits.

  • Cooking Coach

    Iakovos Apergis

    He leads potentia cooking sessions and turn them to an enjoyable, yet very effective, employee bonding experience. The alternative and pioneering workshops he delivers are professionally designed to bolster the four most important C’s of your organization:




    -Critical thinking

    Iakovos is also in charge of the kitchen at “Tzaneio Regional General Hospital” in Piraeus, Greece so he is a chef , by definition. But prefers the term "cook" for himself. Devoted to the traditional Greek cuisine, to the Mediterranean diet and a big fan of simple fresh ingredients, he imaginatively redefines with his team the concept of "hospital food" in Greece. Iakovos, does not accept that the quantity is an enemy of quality and proves it every day, by cooking hundreds of delicious portions. He, also, transmits his knowledge and beliefs to his future colleagues, teaching at “IEK Homeros School”. However, he prioritises as his most important activity his voluntary participation in "Hamogelo tou paidiou N.P.O." and where else there is a need!

  • Legal Advisor

    I was born, raised and live in ATHENS. I graduated from the Law School of Athens in 2003. I completed my internship and since 2005 I am a member of the Athens Bar Association. For several years, I worked in small law firms so, I had the opportunity to get familiar with many areas of law. Since 2014 I run my own law firm specializing in civil and commercial law. I have handled various cases and my clientele includes people and companies from both Greece and abroad. Law is my science and my daily routine but I remain an active citizen by participating in local political life trying to make a difference. Also, I have engaged with hobbies such as writing, yoga and playing the piano.

  • Business Development Manager (Asia)

    Girish Kumar

    Girish is a Chief Engineer based in Bangalore, India. He holds more than 11 years of sailing experience, while for the last 3 years he successfully provides services as a Marine Consultant to a Publishing House, a 3D scanning company, and a Data Assessment Company.  

    Due to his collaboration with people of different cultures and nationalities in a highly dynamic environment, as a mariner, which requires a high level of professionalism and where negligence can lead to disastrous consequences, Girish has highly valued the impact of the human element in Shipping.

    Today, Girish shares his Maritime knowledge and experience in establishing synergies in the field of Education & Training with the aim of empowering people to effectively manage the challenges of the work environment in which they operate.

    His key competence is to support and guide people with empathy, to identify their vulnerability and weaknesses, to comprehend with the requirements they are called upon to meet, in order to achieve their highest potential.

    As a sportsman, tennis player and cross country runner, Girish follows a similar strategy when it comes to teamwork; to look for fulfilling and joyful reaching of the finishing line.

    Life has taught him that anything can be accomplished if approached with the right and ethical intent derived from the heart. He deeply believes that every mariner shares this same spirit and this essence is flowing within all people serving at Sea.

    The continuous cultivation of his growth mindset, his orientation to excellence using empathy, makes Girish a capable person to build authentic human relations both in working and personal environment.

  • Human Capital Manager (Asia)

    Mitalee Sharma

    Mental Health Counsellor , Coach and Consultant with an experience of working closely with people at Group and Individual level understanding their pain points at personal and professional front and helping them work through what needs to be addressed. I hold an expertise in working with people suffering from Addiction and Relationship issues helping them with coping strategies.

    I believe in partnering with people who look to transform their lives and relationships to improve their emotional wellbeing.

    I have an experience of working with corporate companies like Puma , Infosys and a reputed Organization Development (OD) and HR Strategy Consulting firm called Vernalis.

    I am a software engineer and professional social worker by degree. I am also a certified ICF coach and a counsellor.

    I believe in connecting with people genuinely at non-judgemental and humane level. I firmly believe that an individual should keep exploring themselves and work on themselves to become best versions of themselves.

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