Cooking | Body&Mind sessions: “Forging a team spirit by having a good time”
Wellness is a modern word with ancient roots. Nowdays, wellness-focused and holistic modalities have gained more visibility in our lives for the sake of the priceless work-life balance

The holistic approach clearly states that the case to be well cannot only concern one aspect of life, rather all aspects of your life. In potentia, our definition of being well appeals to our holistic nature as human beings, not only under our professional title, but who we are as emotional, spiritual, physical, social, and intellectual human beings

A healthy mind in a healthy body brings the person in perfect balance. It provides the required energy and harmony to evolve, grow and achieve goals. A healthy body improves our physical and mental state, we are more productive and efficient, therefore more creative and in a good mood.

Cooking is about people. Food is perhaps the only element in the world that has the power to bring together different groups of people in the same place. Regardless of culture, place of origin, people come together to eat together. This results in both delivering significant benefits to ourselves and contributing to the organization we work for as a vital part of the whole.

Potentia is dedicated and passionately committed to improving the health and quality of life of the people serving Shipping. Through our Wellness System, we contribute significantly to changing people’s attitude towards the greatness and dynamics of human nature.

Indicative Potentia Body & Mind sessions

Workplace Wellness Sessions

Indoor sessions systematically provided. During session, variable office-adapted exercises are demonstrated, simple ways and techniques to relieve stress and anxiety, stretching and nutrition tips for effective and enjoyable working hours

Work-DeToxDay- Sessions

Outdoor sessions. A program of holistic, nutritional and physical detoxification in selected natural landscapes and areas suitable for physical activity (i.e. hiking, cycling) while enjoying the magic of nature

Health Education & Nutrition Counseling

Basic principles of proper nutrition and training as well as specialized advice on the requirements of the seafarers’ daily life on board (TMSA 3, Element 3A, Stage, Item 1.2, KPI: Shore based provides adequate resources to ensure the wellbeing of vessel personnel) and for the executives ashore

Indicative Potentia Cooking Sessions


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